UIT projects and actions

• Intervening with authorities, either on a national scale (I.N.P.I. – the French Property rights office, C.N.A.C – French National committee to fight counterfeiting, UNIFAB – (A national French Union against Counterfeiting) or on a European scale (European Commission, European Parliament, EURATEX …) in order to follow and to contribute to an improvement of intellectual property rights and fight against counterferting.

• Participating in work groups organized by Customs, INPI, IRPI (institute for intellectual property research) and the C.N.A.C. to make preventive and defensive actions against counterfeiting more efficient.

• Informing member companies in the textile network of the means available to protect their creations (drawings and models, brands, patents… ) and fight counterfeiting.

• Sensitizing members so they can integrate the protection of intellectual property rights and the fight against counterfeiting into their company strategy.

• Advising members on measures to take in case of an infringement on their intellectual property rights (contacts with lawyers specializing in intellectual property rights or industrial property consultants)