Social Affairs

Bonneterie Chanteclair ©OlivierFrajman
Bonneterie Chanteclair ©OlivierFrajman

The French textile industry, composed mainly of small and medium-sized enterprises, defends a local social dialogue adapted to the diversity of its professions.  As a social partner, UIT contributes to the textile industry social dialogue.

A process of renovation of the National Collective Agreement for the sector has been initiated. It is particularly based on new professional classifications.


Missions and actions of UIT
  • Negotiate national textile industry agreements
  • Managing the National Collective Agreement for the Textile Industry
  • Produce tools and guides adapted to SMEs
  • Support regional and sectoral federations, in direct contact with companies regarding their social issues.


UIT participates in the social commissions of MEDEF and France Industrie.


News 2019-2020
  • UIT Recommendation of April 5th 2019 on minimum industrial wages
  • Creation and implementation of the National Joint Commission for Negotiation, Conciliation and Interpretation of the Textile Industry (extension order of October 16th 2019)
  • Planned 2020 negotiations on minimum industry wages and gender equality in the workplace
  • Support to UIT members and member companies during the covid-19 crisis; information and decryption of regulatory texts.

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